14 Days of Valentine’s Day // Part 1

In the spirit of Valentine’s day and the month of love, Cory and I are doing our second annual 14 days of Valentine’s day! We did it last year and had a blast, so we decided to do it again. Here is the post from last years 14 days on my Ruffled Ink site >> here <<. Basically how it works is starting on the first day of February Cory starts it off with a little romantic gesture or gift and we switch every other day who is in charge of the Valentine for that day. So I am even days and Cory is odd days. I will post days 1-6!


// DAY ONE //

As I stated above, Cory started off day #1 and definitely started it off with a bang! I was out running a bunch of errands and when I got home I big banner spelling “I LOVE YOU” was hanging in front of the door. Sweet Cory got different colored felt and cut out each letter and hung it with gold pipe cleaners for the banner and then cut out a bunch of hearts and lined the whole stairway with them. At the top of our stairs we have a big chalkboard so he drew a picture of a swan boat with a banner above it saying “TUNNEL OF LOVE”. So basically he made me a little “tunnel of love” leading up to our actual apartment. It was the cutest thing ever! I love it when he does cute and creative things like that. Then he told me to get ready for dinner and a movie! So we went and got sushi (pregnancy friendly kind of course) and went and saw Frozen, which was such a cute movie! It was a great start to our 14 days of Valentine’s.

DAY 1 DAY 1_1

// DAY TWO //

Day two was my day, it was a Sunday so I got up early and made Cory a french toast breakfast! It isn’t often when I cook a good breakfast so it was a nice little surprise for him. It was obviously heart themed, so I made heart shaped french toast, strawberries and bacon with eggs and some yummy Choffy, which is a coco based chocolate drink which is divine. I was going to take him breakfast in bed but he was already starting to get up before I was able to get it to him. Although he was still very sleepy, hence the yawning pic.

DAY 2 DAY 2_2


Day three was pretty awesome, because for the past week I had been craving maple donuts so bad, but I couldn’t find any! (I was also not looking very hard) So that night Cory came into my office and gave me this wrapped surprise with the sweetest homemade card and inside were my maple donuts!! I was so happy! Then he gave me a mini cut out heart saying that he got me a 1 year subscription to Martha Stewart Magazine. I absolutely love getting her magazine every month at the store, so from now on I will be getting them in the mail. Yippee!

day 3


// DAY FOUR //

Day four was my day, so I got Cory one of his favorite things; crew socks! He wears dental scrubs all day so the only way he can put some personality in his daily wear is through his socks, so he loves to wear different colored and patterned crew socks. I also got him these awesome Field Notes notebooks, which he has been wanting a good pack of mini notebooks to carry around that didn’t look too girly and then of course some of his favorite chocolates! He was a happy guy and couldn’t wait to wear his new socks. 🙂


// DAY FIVE //

Day 5 was a pretty crazy day for both of us. I was busy with work and client deadlines and Cory had a lot of work to do at the clinic and then he also had to work late doing screenings for potential patients for his final boards exam in March. So he wasn’t going to be home until around 10 that night. So to make sure we saw each other I walked over to the hospital and we had a romantic Subway dinner in the cafeteria 🙂 Then that night even though Cory was so tired and ready to relax and go to bed, he still managed to give me my Valentine for the day, which was a basket of delicious chocolates and another homemade sweet card! I love love love homemade cards, because I know there was a lot of effort put into it. He is amazing and so incredibly sweet and thoughtful.

Processed with VSCOcam

// DAY SIX //

Today is day six, and I made Cory this little notebook with all the things I adore about him. Then we went to take pictures for today’s blog post (I’m a little late on my 29 week pics) and we got a quick bite to eat and then headed to the frozen yogurt shop and made some yummy concoctions!


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