14 Days of Valentine’s Day // Part 2

As I mentioned in my last post, our 14 days of Valentine’s day had a great ending and we had many good times and memories to remember of our last Valentine’s spent together as a couple without a child.


Day seven started out great, mainly because it was a Friday and we had just picked up our car from the shop so we were good to go! (or so we thought.. until the “check engine” light came on on our way home – another story) But we drove up to Columbia, the capital of South Carolina because we had never been there and we heard about this cool hotel called The Inn at Claussen’s that used to be an old bakery that had been providing baked goods to customers throughout the Southeast from 1928 to 1963. In 1986 the Bakery was renovated and turned in to the Claussen’s Inn, but they continue on the bakery tradition and bring you complimentary freshly baked goods to your door every morning from their own kitchen! The room was very fresh and modern and their breakfast in bed was devine! We didn’t end up getting there until around 8 at night but we enjoyed a fancy dinner and dessert at a restaurant attached to the hotel. For some random reason they served the only two scruffy-looking people in the place their drinks in mason jars while everyone else got regular glasses. Weird. Overall day seven was a great day/night spent with my babe!



As mentioned in day seven, we were awoken by the hotel staff bringing us the yummiest breakfast in bed! After we just chilled for a bit we got ready and headed to the Riverbanks Zoo. They had this awesome nature walk that led up to their botanical gardens, which happened to be holding an orchid show/competition that weekend, at exactly the time we showed up. Coincidence? Well since Cory’s favorite flower happens to be orchids I think not! As you can see in the bottom right pic, Cory is holding our new addition to the family, River. Named after the Zoo. The Columbia Zoo was pretty nice, we saw all sorts of animals, spent WAY too much time in the reptile house (because Cory is a proud animal nerd) and saw the grossest little naked mole rats dig in futility for their freedom. (see video below) I really thought that there would be more to do in Columbia, it being the capital and all. Turns out that it’s not exactly the cultural/party hub of the state. Charleston is, and we’re SO glad we’re right in the thick of it.


// DAY NINE //

For our ninth day of Valentine’s Cory made me some yummy cupcakes with our initials and our wedding date, saying it was the best days of his life. It was very sweet and I loved how he took so much time to decorate each cupcake. He is the best!


// DAY TEN //

Day ten was Cory’s 28th birthday! So I got up early and made him breakfast in bed before he went off to school. I had a pretty busy work schedule that day and I had a few meetings to go to, so I wasn’t going to be home to make him lunch during his break, but I did make him one of his favorite desserts which were mini key lime pies. Then later that night I baked up the yummiest three layer chocolate raspberry ganache cake and like I’ve said before, I am not much of a baker/cook so I was pretty proud of myself for making it from scratch! We ended the night at Cory’s favorite BBQ Restaurant with our friends and good memories made. Cory also got some great presents including a new iPad, some Cutco knives, an audible.com subscription, a crocheting starter kit and some yarn (he wanted to learn so he could crochet a blanket for our baby girl) and a nice one hour massage with chocolates and strawberries. He got a little spoiled, but he deserved it. 🙂



Day eleven was very simple and sweet. Cory gave me my favorite flowers and attached to each tulip he had a note saying one thing he loved about me. I always love fresh flowers in our home!



The twelfth day of our Valentine’s  was my day, but it got postponed to the Monday after Valentine’s day because their was a change in the massage therapist’s schedule. But we enjoyed a one hour couple’s massage with chocolate covered strawberries and water since we don’t drink champagne. It was great because I ended up meeting my new chiropractor who specializes in prenatal care. It was an overall great experience!



Day thirteen was Cory’s day and we decided to make it a really chill night and have a movie night! He let me pick a chic flic which he doesn’t really enjoy watching (obviously most men don’t) but I was so relaxed that I didn’t even think to take a picture, so I just posted a little quote I did by Vincent Van Gogh that I love.



Now for the actual day of Saint Valentine! I started the morning off with a pancake breakfast for my seminary students at 6:30am. Then I was very busy with work all day until it was time to go on our date to Earth Art! Last year we went there and painted some pottery, we had a great time and we have really loved those pieces, so I thought it would be a good time to paint a piece again for our last Valentine’s day in Charleston! I decided to paint a mug, because I am obsessed with mugs! I dedicated it to our baby girl and wrote a little quote saying “dream big little one” with a bunny on the inside which is the theme I’m going for since she will be born right around Easter time. Cory painted a little “memory jar” that we use every year and put little pieces of papers in it with a memory that we had and at the end of the year we take them out and read our memories made throughout the year.

After our pottery painting we went back home and dressed up for a fancy french dinner at 39 Rue de Jean downtown off King Street. Following after we went home and my tailbone was killing me for some reason! It felt like I broke it, it hurt to walk or even sit or get up, I had no idea why it was randomly happening, so the fondu that I had planned to make and enjoy at the table was now in the back of my mind. So Cory, being the sweetheart that he is got everything ready and brought it to me in bed! So we just chilled and ate the yummiest fondu in bed and relaxed! It was a great ending to our 14 days of Valentine’s and I fell even more in love with my sweetie each day. I am so thankful I have such a wonderful husband and future father to my children, I know he is always going to take such good care of us and and strive to be the best dad he can be! Love you honey!

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