UPDATE…. a long time coming




Well today is August 24th, 2015 and boy has a lot changed! As you can see, my last post was the story of Haven’s birth story. This was before we made the big move to Texas and all the many changes to follow in the last year. Let me just give a quick list of all that happened in between, I’m kind of sad I didn’t update this blog at all since then, but as many people know, blogging takes up a lot of time and effort that I just didn’t feel like adding onto my plate be honest.

So here it goes… After Haven was born, Cory graduated dental school on May 15th, Haven was blessed on Sunday, May 18th. We moved from Charleston to Dallas and drove for a week with a very packed car and trailer being towed behind us. I got mastitis the day we started our road trip and Haven and I were packed like sardines in the backseat with a cave of stuff around us. We arrived in Dallas on June 5th, 2014 to our new rental home and started our new lives together in a nearly empty house without water for a few days.. which is always so much fun!




On Monday, June 9th my mastitis got so bad that I couldn’t take it anymore (After seeing a doc in the box on the way to Dallas, she said I had to wait until it gets better) so we went to the doctor a few days after we got to Dallas and it had gotten so bad and big that he had to cut the abscess (sorry this is gross) without any pain meds or anything and drain it out. He did give me a shot to numb the area, but he missed and I felt every bit of it. So we started off being in the new place on a great note! I the moment we got out of the doc’s office I went straight to the pharmacy to get some drugs to help with the pain.. which meant that I had to temporarily stop breast feeding. But just because I stopped breast feeding I had to pump and dump, which was a very painful thing since the cut was right where the pump would pull.. again, sorry for the TMI, but it was not a fun time.


Humble beginnings. When we moved into our rental house the only furniture we had was our sofa, bed, Haven’s pack n’ play and a little mirrored console table.. it’s always fun to look back and see where we were. 

Cory started his new job in July and things were going pretty great until the end of October when Cory was informed that he was being let go due to a lack in patients at the office. So we were on the hunt for a new job again, but luckily one of his friends got him a job at his dental office and he was able to get straight back to work in the beginning of November. The unfortunate part is that we didn’t end up getting a paycheck until February (long story), so we were running off lots of savings and many pizza date nights at home.

My good friend, Nicole moved to Dallas right around the same time we did which has been the best thing ever! We were roommates in college and she was actually one of our first friends made my freshman year. We started our business together in October and went live in November. It’s called Be Bona Fide, it’s a movement to try and help our social community to live more authentically in a world that promotes perfectionism. You can check it out and read more here >> http://www.bbonafide.com.


We celebrated Haven’s first birthday in April and it was a fun little backyard garden party! On her birthday we made her pancakes with whipped cream (she was in heaven), then we went to the zoo where she got to feed the birds and watch the elephants take a bath. Then that night she devoured her very first birthday cupcake and it was pretty epic.



I painted and designed Haven’s 1st birthday invitations, since I failed on making her birth announcement through all the moving and graduating, so I thought I’d make it up for her birthday. 🙂invite1











Come June our lease was up and we decided we wanted to be a part of the action of downtown living, so we moved the the heart of downtown dallas in the Medical District which is right down the street from Nicole (my biz partner) and my brother and about 20 minutes from Cory’s work. We are very happy here and love living close to good restaurants and all the happenings that a downtown city can offer you.

At the end of June we headed out to Utah for a family reunion, where we got to see many friends and family that we haven’t seen in a while. Then Cory and I headed out to Cancun, Mexico for the 4th of July weekend (ironic I know) and Haven got to stay here in Dallas with my Mom and little sister. We all had a great time and didn’t want it to end.



July flew by and now here we are in August, which is also flying right by! So until next time… hopefully I can keep up on my updates.

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